Automotive Leadership Courses

Achieve your leadership goals with the NCM Institute. Our two 10-month training courses offer a great alternative to automotive “dealer academy” options out there, and each program is specifically designed to address students’ needs:

General Management Executive Program (GMEP) is a comprehensive development program that prepares general managers—or leaders in roles that lead to general management, such as general sales managers—with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to be successful.

NCM-Rawls Dealer Executive Program, a collaboration between NCM Associates and the Rawls Group, provides all the benefits of GMEP with additional content specifically designed to prepare students for the challenges of ownership and navigating family dynamics. If you are planning to create a family legacy—or if you will be leading a privately-owned dealership—this is the option for you.

Want a shorter commitment? Our course, Effective Leadership, covers NCM’s leadership basics in just 1½ days.