Desking and F&I Integration

Cost: $1,795

When gaps exist between departments, deals can fall between the cracks and lost profits can emerge. Every mismanaged deal opens the dealer to less profits earned, not to mention legal scrutiny. It takes two to tango – both departments working side by side to assure consistency and direction.

Desking and F&I Integration is an intensive, 2 day workshop designed to school Finance and Sales managers on methods of bridging the gap between their departments. Learn how to eliminate the guesswork by mastering desk solutions that ensure profits- accuracy and reduced delivery timeframes. Getting department managers on the same page is essential to driving sales. Desking and F&I Integration will teach you how to enhance the customer’s buying experience with an emphasis on integrity and adherence to compliance. Develop a store-wide culture that assures best practices in Sales and Finance you can be proud of – and that will generate a boost in profits without tearing down your hard earned reputation. 

Special offer: Buy one seat, get one free! Send an employee from both sales and finance for one low price. Restrictions apply; call for discount. 

Call the NCM Institute at 866.756.2620 for more information.

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