Mastering Digital Marketing

Cost: $1,795

This 2 day course is perfect for Dealers, General Managers, General Sales Managers and Internet/BDC Managers with the goal of being the Digital Market Leader through utilization of time tested strategies and tactics.  The best performing dealerships have developed an Operational Blueprint that maps out their complete plan for success and this course provides the foundational structure.   

NCM Institute training team members all have firsthand experience in operating financially successful Digital Dealership Operations and most importantly understand how to transfer that knowledge to students.  Attendees will learn all the details including the best operational structure, team building, process development, communication tactics, digital marketing, technology as well as performance and financial metrics. 

Summary of key concepts covered during the course:

  • Establishment of Dealership Digital Vision and Goals
  • Understanding and creation of an exceptional Customer Experience
  • Development of efficient and effective Processes and Work Habits
  • Understanding creative Communication Tactics – email, phone, text, chat, video, postal mail and social networking
  • Establish the best Operational Structure with proven Leadership Strategies
  • Review of new Technologies (CRM, Mobile, etc.) to ensure efficiency
  • Create a progressive Digital Marketing framework for success (websites, search, lead sourcing, online classified, social and reputation management)
  • Establish Financial and Performance Metrics for remarkable Sales Results and Return on Investment

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