Success-Driven Pay Plans

Cost: $1,295

No pay plan is a substitute for sound management; but the right plan, coupled with the right management focus, will produce the desired results.

In this 1½ day course, Mark Shackelford, NCM’s subject matter expert on dealership compensation, will present and discuss the strategies and methods used to develop sales and management pay plans for both variable and fixed operations.

Previously listed as Sales and Management Compensation, this course is designed for those who create pay plans, motivate staff, and review staff performance, this course will provide students with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Develop your personal Accountability Management program. Learn to take responsibility for your own behavior as a leader and manager.
  • Describe the 4 Corners of a Dealership--Vision, Processes, Marketing, and Structure--so that you create a solid business
  • Match the 4 Corners of a Dealership with required staff performance so you maximize OTDB--Opportunities To Do Business.
  • Learn the 5 P’s that motivate people to leave--and what you can do to minimize their effects
  • Calculate the true costs of employee turnover--in terms of dollars, lost productivity, poor morale--and lost customers
  • Define the 6 Best Practices of Employee Retention--and reduce turnover of valuable employees
  • Design pay plans that motivate effectively, fairly, and that produce increased bottom line results--for the employee and your dealership
  • Evaluate the 8 time-tested elements of the NCM Institute Compensation Philosophy and how to apply them in your dealership’s pay plans
  • Compare your compensation plans with national “next practices” of effective compensation
  • Develop the right pay plan for a variety of positions in your dealership--from BDC to F&I to Sales Person and more
  • Create a plan that motivates a person to go from Average to Superior performance
  • Generate your own Best Practices taken from NCM 20 Group members who have experienced rapid increases in sales, reduced turnover, and increased morale

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