You have questions, we have answers
You have questions, we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consulting: How can I schedule a custom consultation with an automotive retail expert?

    Call us at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a consulting visit.

  • Consulting: If I have a specific area of concern, can I meet with a consultant and focus solely on that area?

    Yes! NCM’s retail automotive consultants are happy to work with you on any area of your business, and each consultant session can be tailored to your needs. From departmental focus, to a complete overview of your operations, we can visit your business to help address any challenges you're facing, as well as any issues lurking below the surface. Call us at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a consulting visit today!

  • Consulting: If I’m already in a 20 Group, what is the benefit of having a consultant come to my store?

    A 20 Group provides peer collaboration to receive feedback based on what you’ve already identified as areas of concern. Scheduling a retail automotive consultant to come to your store allows for a dedicated one-on-one, deep dive into your processes and conversations with department managers about their numbers and processes. Together, we'll build a specific action plan to drive improvements to your business. These consultations also encourage managers to commit to meeting in between recurring consulting visits.

  • Consulting: Is there a contract for consulting services?

    Nope! Let us customize our services to fit your needs, however large or small they may be. Our automotive retail consultants are available to help relieve your dealership woes and uncover the source of any issue. Call us today at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a visit.

  • Consulting: Other than time frame, is there a difference between recurring visits and non-recurring visits?

    Yes! When you sign up for recurring visits, you receive two profit trend analysis reports monthly, and one management composite book monthly, with the submission of financial data. In addition, you receive access to our online-only products such as the Heat Map and Meeting in a Box. Call us at 877-497-2363 or email with questions or to schedule a visit.

  • Consulting: What does a consultation cost?

    Every situation is different, and we want to ensure we provide you with the most accurate quote possible for your business. Give us a call at 877-497-2363 and we can develop a free quote based on your specific needs.

  • Consulting: What type of consulting services does NCM offer?

    We offer recurring visits (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) as well as the option to schedule a single, non-recurring visit with one of our consultants whenever the need arises. Simply call us today at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a visit.

Corporate Travel
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