Michael Lynch

ConSept Founder & CEO

Michael has been in the 20 Group and automotive training business for more than 35 years. Before joining forces with NCM, Michael was the founder and CEO of two very successful 20 Group companies, Performance Incorporated and ConSept. ConSept, which was purchased by NCM in April 2018, was the largest provider of 20 Groups in Canada. This acquisition now makes NCM the largest 20 Group provider in North America, with more than 450 20 Groups.

In addition, Michael founded and managed several OEM-sponsored programs such as the General Motors Service Consulting College, General Motors Holdings, Ford Dealer Development, Chrysler Marketing Investment 20 Groups, and Chrysler's New Dealer Program. ConSept's district sales and service manager training groups have also been widely adapted by OEMs such as Chrysler, General Motors, and Hyundai Canada.

Michael is committed to leveraging his strong 20 Group automotive consulting background to provide bottom-line results and innovative solutions for NCM's entire client family. He believes moderating 20 Groups is the key to staying current in a rapidly changing industry.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he received his bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He and his wife live in White Stone, Va., where they enjoy gourmet cooking, spending time on the Chesapeake Bay, and spoiling their three dogs. Michael has three sons and one granddaughter.


  • Comprehension of all dealership metrics and data
  • Identifying financial opportunities
  • Facilitating discovery utilizing the composite
  • Process analysis
  • Building relationships
  • Creating an expectation and a culture within individual 20 Groups

Client profitability is a measure of Michael's success.

One of Michael’s favorite accomplishments was working with a dealership that was struggling with new and used extended warranty penetration and profitability. At their 20 Group meeting, the dealership was put in the hot seat due to their poor F&I performance. The dealer requested assistance back at the store to improve their processes, change pay plans, and meet with all their business office managers.

Michael set a meeting date and booked a room to meet with their F&I managers and general manager. They developed a custom composite where each F&I manager’s financial performance was measured and ranked. Their goal was to create a competitive environment and benchmark against the top performing managers.

After their first 20 Group meeting, the results were dramatic. The dealer realized that most of the F&I managers were cutting corners, and the desk manager was affecting the business office’s ability to maximize profitability. All managers were responsible to set measurable goals and objectives, which were tracked and monitored monthly and sent to all participants. Follow up meetings were held to review the goals and allow top performers to present what they did to achieve their objectives. By having each manager in attendance and using their respective data, it had an immediate impact on the dealership’s profitability. The dealership recognized an additional $270,930 in operating profit based on their consultation. The result proves that when performance is measured, performance improves!

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