John Germani

Director, Product

John Germani

John is the Director of Product at NCM, where he works with dealers and OEM clients, as well as NCM’s industry experts. He provides a wealth of knowledge in enhancing NCM’s reporting products that leads to financial performance and business process improvements.

John holds the following mindset, given to him from his mentor, as paramount, “The composite doesn’t have any answers… it only asks questions.” He believes that the best way to impact industry decision-making is to develop the most accurate, thought-provoking, and revealing ways of looking at data so the best questions can be asked, which then can lead to the best improvements and changes possible. He has served within the Automotive Industry in many capacities over the last 19 years. John possesses a strong knowledge of Dealership Financial Statements and Composite Reporting metrics. This is formulated from years of designing and building systems to store, calculate, and present financial data to 20 groups, dealer groups, and manufacturer clients.

Midway through his career, John became a moderator working with hundreds of dealerships to improve their performance through best practice sharing, financial analysis, business process improvement, and accountability. It was in this capacity that he developed a keen sense of what metrics were the key drivers of important discussions. This knowledge has led to many refinements of existing products and the creation of new data sets such as NCM’s Emerge Stronger Scorecard. John moved on to oversee the entire Composites and Reporting division of CDK where he aided in the development and upgrading of systems for external dealer groups, OEM, and industry partners.

John feels very privileged to be working with NCM as their Director of Product where he plans to build on the strong heritage of data analysis and benchmarking.  He feels that NCM is the perfect place to affect change in the industry through solid product offerings and the best consultants and instructors in the business.

John holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of South Carolina. When not working with internal and external clients, John enjoys coaching and playing hockey, taking photographs, and working on many projects around the house.

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