100% employee owned, 100% dedicated to your success
100% employee owned, 100% dedicated to your success

Fred O'Dwyer

NCMi Instructor

Fred is an instructor with the NCM Institute and began his automotive career at Ford Motor Company where he worked closely with Ford dealers as a district manager. After successfully completing a 20-year career at a metro Kansas City auto dealership where he held the positions of controller, CFO, and general manager, Fred joined NCM as an executive conference moderator.

Fred uses his financial skills to assist members in analyzing and maximizing performance. With his financial management expertise, NCM found him well suited for leading the organization as its CFO. He held that position with distinction before transitioning to the NCM Institute faculty team in 2012.

Fred’s outstanding dealership financial management knowledge and expertise is now being transferred to students of the Institute. Fred holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors and a Masters in Business Administration with honors, both from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.

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