The latest dealer software solution from NCM
The latest dealer software solution from NCM

NCM Associates to Offer Presale of Next Auto Game-Changer, NCM LiveAudit, at NADA 2016

Kansas City, Mo., March 21, 2016 — NCM Associates announces the launch of NCM LiveAudit, the latest software solution to be added the organization’s thriving business intelligence division.

NCM Associates, a 100% employee-owned company, is the originator of the automotive 20 Group peer collaboration model and provides automotive retail consulting, management training, and travel assistance to dealers throughout the US and Canada. Its business intelligence division includes software solutions, operational Benchmark analysis, data management, and forecasting tools.

The NCM LiveAudit payables monitoring solution, developed by Intelligent Dealer, is a cloud-based application that works seamlessly with dealership management systems to provide a whole new way to control a dealership’s cash flow. Using a complex algorithm to analyze current monthly spending against dealership averages based on NCM Benchmark data—or against self-defined goals—the LiveAudit system tracks and monitors spending to ensure transparency, accuracy, and a reduced risk of fraud and financial mismanagement.

“As we all know, profit margins in retail automotive are notoriously slim,” said Frank Sheets, CEO of lntelligent Dealer. “Monitoring outgoing payments always has been important, but too difficult to do efficiently. We’re pleased to address that limitation with NCM LiveAudit.”

The LiveAudit platform collects historical data and learns more about your business while improving how it analyzes your dealership spending. More than just a spreadsheet, LiveAudit is a robust tool that also notifies dealers of upcoming contract renewals so you don’t unknowingly auto-renew for another year—or longer—with an unwanted vendor. Additionally, LiveAudit stores associate pay plans to ensure compensation is aligned with your dealership objectives.

“NCM is proud to partner with Intelligent Dealer to introduce another auto-industry game changer,” added NCM President & CEO Paul A. Faletti, Jr. “Between NCM axcessa, and now with LiveAudit, the quality of information available to dealers is unprecedented. axcessa offers dealers an unbelievable level of visibility to critical dealership operational performance. And there’s never been an easier way to monitor dealership spending than with LiveAudit. Through solutions like these, we’re happy to help our clients gain some peace of mind knowing exactly where their hard-earned dollars are going.”