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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

Winning Demonstrations

Written By: Tom Hopkins
Posted on February 24, 2015

When it comes time to demonstrate a vehicle, you need to be very well prepared. Too many automotive salespeople invest most of their preparation time in vehicle knowledge, which is very important, but spend little time thinking about how to actually demonstrate vehicles so their clients quickly envision themselves as owners. There are very specific things you can do to accelerate their acceptance of a vehicle thus leading to more closed sales.

Before getting to the point of demonstrating, you have to use your other selling skills well. Let’s say you did just that. You used some of your excellent prospecting strategies to find a couple who need a new vehicle. You made a competent original contact and warmed them up nicely. They seem very comfortable with you. You qualified them as to their needs, by asking the right questions, and are confident you have a vehicle that will truly be good for them.

Now, it’s time for the show to begin, and you are the master of ceremonies. Are you properly prepared for this step in the sales process?

It’s important you note here that the vehicle is the star of your demonstration, not you.

View yourself as a sort of matchmaker. The two parties you believe are a perfect match for one another are your product and this prospective client. It’s your job to introduce them and give them an opportunity to get to know each other.

Many salespeople falter and lose sales because they try to make themselves the stars of the demonstration. They want to show how well they know the vehicle. They spout off technical information about engine size, fuel economy, and handling that may be of little or no interest to the client. In fact, the client may not even understand what is being said.

Learn this now: Get yourself out of the picture. Let the vehicle shine! The people you are demonstrating to should be up close and personal with the vehicle. If they ask a question about the navigation system, tell them which buttons to push to make it work. Don’t do it for them!

The same goes for any buttons, dials, or displays in the vehicle. You are the tour guide, not the chauffeur! If you’re not getting them directly and personally involved with the vehicle, you’re not selling. You’re showing. You need to get yourself off stage and be the one directing the performance instead.

When it comes to discussing service or warranties, be sure to have brochures and other items you can hand to the decision-makers that provide the details you will deliver verbally. Hand them your calculator to run the numbers for any questions that come up. Show testimonial letters from other satisfied clients. This creates both physical and emotional involvement. The more involvement you get during the presentation, the more comfortable they’ll be with long term involvement with your product.

At the very least, have the stories about other clients who purchased this type of vehicle in mind, and how happy they are with it. Perhaps the experience of others might be just what’s needed to help this new client off the fence and into the driver’s seat.

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