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4 Tips to Supercharge Your Buy Here Pay Here Sales Training Program

Dustin Kerr
Written By: Dustin Kerr
Posted on March 19, 2015

Is your Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) sales training lousy? That is the cleaned up version of what I hear from most dealership owners and managers when I ask how they would rate their overall sales training program. The good news is that this is one of the quickest and easiest problems to fix in your dealership and in this blog I am going to give you the tools to implement a very successful BHPH training program.

1. Hiring the Right Person

If I were sitting down with you in your dealership and implementing a long-term strategy for consistently attracting and hiring quality salespeople, we would spend a great deal of time on this subject before moving on to anything else. However, for the sake of this article, I will boil it down to this: quit begging people to come work for you! When we hire out of a classified ad, the majority of the respondents have very little sales skills and then we compound the problem by conducting a lousy interview. So what’s the solution? RECRUIT! You probably notice people every day who would be a good fit as a salesperson in your dealership. Why don’t you get those types of people to apply? The reason is because they are already employed. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for classified ads, but it should only be part of your recruiting strategy. The best people I have ever hired weren’t looking for a job.

2. Proper Job Descriptions

A lot of potentially good salespeople fail because they don’t know exactly what is expected of them each day. If you do not have extremely detailed job descriptions for your sales staff, I would stop right now and get this in place before trying to proceed with any further training. A description should tell them exactly what their job entails on a daily basis; an objective should tell them what they are expected to produce. For example, an objective might say they are expected to sell at least 13 cars per month with an average down payment of $700.

3. Road to the Sale

Every person that has ever sold a car has been told about the road to the sale, but are your sales people following it? Are they following it every time? How do you know? It doesn’t matter what your particular road to the sale is as long as it’s in writing and continually trained on. The road to the sale is far more important in the BHPH industry than it is in new car franchises, yet the new car dealerships train on it every day and most BHPH lots rarely even discuss it.

4. "Did it Today" Sheets

"Did It Today" sheets (or DIT sheets) are one of the best ways to hold your salespeople accountable and to have them show you how they won at work each day. DIT sheets should list all of the tasks they accomplished for the day such as phone calls made, customer interviews completed, appointments set, etc. The DIT sheets should be turned in and reviewed each day by the sales supervisor and compared to the goals set at the beginning of the month.

If you will commit today to giving your sales staff complete job descriptions and objectives, making sure they are trained daily and using your road to the sale, and have them fill out daily DIT sheets, you will be very pleased with the results.

Learn more about recruiting for your BHPH dealership and many other helpful tactics targeted at BHPH dealers and employees in NCMi's courses; BHPH: Sell More, Profit More and BHPH: Collect the Cash, Not the Car.

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