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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

The Most Common NCM 20 Group Mistake

Written By: NCM Associates
Posted on October 13, 2016

Preparing for a 20 Group meeting requires a lot of details. From homework to data submissions, there are tons of little things members must do to get ready for a successful meeting. So many things, in fact, that some can slip through the cracks.

Don’t make this common 20 Group mistake

Just consider this scenario. You booked your flight, packed your bag, and kissed your spouse and kids goodbye. After a quick (or maybe not so quick) flight, you land. A cab or limo ride later, you arrive at the hotel, and the extremely kind clerk behind the counter says those dreaded words, “I am sorry, Mr. Jackson, we don’t have a reservation for you, and the hotel is SOLD OUT!”

What!? No!? Say it isn't so! You are now faced with bunking with another member (or sleeping in a closet) … for two nights. Not a fun way to begin a business trip!

Troubleshooting 20 Group travel

There's often confusion regarding meeting hotel room reservations. While the coordinators at NCM make most of the meeting arrangements, they do not make individual hotel arrangements. Unless expressly stated otherwise, members are always to make their own hotel plans using the hotel reservation/meeting form that is sent out to the group by the coordinator around sixty (60) days before the first meeting day.

This is the number one preparation task that is forgotten or assumed to have been taken care of by NCM. To make your 20 Group experience great, be sure to contact the hotel directly to reserve your hotel room. Or, if you’d like help making the arrangements, we encourage you to contact NCM Travel Solutions. Our amazing team of professional travel consultants can do the work to reserve your room, book your flight or secure your rental car. All you have to do is ask!

When you’re making travel arrangements—either through NCM Travel Solutions or on your own—be sure to reserve your room before the hotel cutoff date listed on the NCM 20 Group reservation form. After the cutoff date, NCM cannot guarantee the group rate or room availability. So act fast, and avoid sleeping in a closet!

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