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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

Announcing Something New at NCM: Service Advisor Training

Rick Wegley
Written By: Rick Wegley
Posted on September 22, 2016

I’ve been chomping at the bit to make this announcement, and we just got the go-ahead! After years of your asking for service advisor training, I’m happy to announce that the NCM Institute has added a Service Advisor course to our roster!

Good management starts with a solid team

This is a significant change for NCM, which has focused on executive and management training since it began several years ago. But, as we’ve fielded call after call for training designed specifically for professional service advisors, we knew this was an issue we had to address. And, honestly, it made sense. Managers and other leadership team members need accountability management skills in all areas of the dealership to effectively grow dealership performance and profit. We looked into it. The challenge was selecting a provider that aligned exactly with our fixed operations management training philosophies—and there are many qualified vendors in the market today—but that mission, we discovered, was impossible. In response, we created our own.

Piloting the program

In 2015, the NCM Institute began offering our own service advisor training course on-site at dealerships across the country with tremendous success! We started with the goals, objectives, and philosophies of the NCMi service and parts management training curriculum, and then built our advisor training on these principles. The response has been remarkable, and I genuinely believe it’s because our approach gives your service advisors the same messaging as your managers who have attended our management training courses at the Institute. It streamlines management and gets everyone moving in the same direction.

Protect your front line

As a service guy myself, I’m particularly excited to be part of this new opportunity at NCM. Service advisors are our front line personnel, and they are the ones who, individually, represent both our dealership and our manufacturer to our client base on a daily basis. And yet the opportunities to develop the soft skills and leadership potential of this group are few and far between. Frankly, our service department deserves better. As managers, we need to re-evaluate our strategy for improvement in our operations, and understand that our dealerships are judged on financial and customer satisfaction responses that are a direct result of the performance of our front line personnel. Developing peoples’ full potential should be a goal of every department manager or dealer operator. And where better to start than with the front line employees who drive the future prosperity of our customer retention and repurchase efforts?

Please reach out to the NCM Institute at NCMi@ncmassociates.com for more information and to reserve your seat in our next scheduled course.

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