Change Your Mindset & Change Your Dealership

Written By: STEVE KAIN
POSTED ON August 02, 2018

When I was in eighth grade, I became the center for our school basketball team. If you know anything about basketball, you know that height is a crucial advantage on any team. The center position is best known for being the tallest and strongest member of the team. On our team, however, I was among the smallest members of all the eighth-grade boys. So how did I achieve the starting center position? I had the determination to block out the opposition, secure the rebound, and distribute the ball quickly. Against the odds, I was successful because I had the proper mindset!

It would have been easy to look at the challenges of being a shorter member of the team and use that excuse to sit on the bench. Instead, I focused on my strengths and used them to my advantage on the court. It is this mindset that helped me succeed in both eighth-grade basketball, and the world of retail automotive sales. Approaching each challenge with determination, a plan of action, and a belief that my team would succeed.

Look at the management in your dealership.

Does your team have …

  • The best person blocking out the naysayers on your team? Turning negativity and excuses into actions that achieve your goals.
  • The right people to take leads on the lot, through email, and over the phone, and distribute those leads to the closers on the team?
  • A system in place to track the progress of your leads, and how they move through the dealership?

Squash Negativity

Let’s break this down a little bit. If your dealership employs a team member who is toxic to the environment and drags others down with them, it’s time to have the tough discussion you’ve been avoiding, or it’s time for them to go. To assist you in this process and other hiring, firing, and retention advice, check out this article from expert Joe Basil.

Lead Acquisition

Most dealerships do not track the distribution of leads, which is a terrible mistake. You should track every stat that is manageable, as it will highlight where issues are arising in your sales pipeline. Also, according to expert Laura Madison, many salespeople claim they don’t have enough leads to pursue to make their numbers for the month. Reference Laura's article at your next team meeting and discuss this effective tactic.

Secure Your Sales Track

Consider yourself a coach, because that is what you are! Coach your team based on the stats that are available, as they will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and give you unbiased proof to back up your improvement plans. The better you coach on the statistics behind selling vehicles, the more you will sell! Also consider this blog that discusses the importance of having all your employees gain expert status in your dealership.

If you can coach the stats, and your team has the proper mindset, you will see a major shift in the cars you sell despite any challenges that come your way.

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