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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

#AskNCM: How To Be A Better Manager

Written By: NCM Institute
Posted on February 07, 2019

Here at NCM, we help dealers from across North America overcome the unique challenges that their dealership is facing. Over the past year, we have seen that many of our clients come to us in the hopes of improving their own skills as a manager. From creating a dealership culture that inspires performance, to improving leadership skills, managers on both the fixed and variable side of the business are looking to improve themselves to help their business’ bottom line.

This week, we are going to look back at 3 common questions we hear from managers in our 20 Groups, consulting visits, and NCMi training courses. Steve Hall, Rick Wegley, and Tom Miller will use their decades of experience in retail automotive to help you develop the skills, tactics, and mindset of a professional and effective manager in your dealership.

How Do I Become a Better Manager?

In this #AskNCM video, expert Steve Hall shares with viewers some of the most successful ways to hone your dealership management skills. No matter if you are a new manager, or a seasoned veteran, these fundamentals of dealership management are critical to improved performance.


How Do You Define Exceptional Service?

Expert Rick Wegley was asked to shed some light on how to provide exceptional service. After first defining what exceptional service means, Rick will guide viewers on how they can create a culture of incredible customer service at your dealership.


How Do I Hold People Accountable?

Accountability is the key to unlocking the true potential in any dealership department. Unfortunately for many managers, not every employee can share this same vision. In this #AskNCM video, expert Tom Miller sits down with viewers to provide some insight into holding people accountable at your dealership, and how that can drive you more profits!


If you have any questions you would like to see answered by one of our expert instructors, e-mail us at askncm@ncmassociates.com. You can also visit our course page for the NCM Institute for more information on our course offerings.

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