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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

Are You Living in the Past or the Present? Part 2

Written By: Michael Lynch
Posted on June 27, 2019

While it is physically impossible to go back to the past, it is important to learn from previous experiences. Unfortunately, for many leaders in retail automotive, living in the past is where many choose to be. In part 1 of this blog, I discussed how you can identify what efforts brought you success, and what efforts held you behind. If interested, I highly suggest reading that part before continuing to part 2.

“When will you stop reporting the news? You were hired to create the news!”

These 14 powerful words can catapult you from living in the past and immediately bring you to the present and inject a sense of urgency and empowerment to create and contribute towards a successful future. Why? Because these words are centered in the present. The words evoke action, personal accountability, ownership, disciplined action and behaviours with the goal of a successful outcome, and can inspire individuals to contribute to a new result. 

How do these 14 words impact you and your story? As an individual, as a team, and in your relationships, what news do you want to create? What story about your life do you want to one day look back on with pride and fullness? Today can be the start of a new chapter regardless of the events of yesterday.  

When evaluating a new action, consider the following factors:

  1. Define your purpose.

  2. Create a vision.

  3. Establish a daily intention with supporting actions.

All three of these actions are rooted in producing results today and tomorrow. As you strengthen your mindset to live in the present, these three actions will keep you centered. If you feel yourself slip backwards, pine for the way it used to be, or start making excuses, re-connect to your center. What is the purpose, what is your vision, and what daily intention can you deliver? 

  1. With a defined purpose you will be propelled forward to develop the necessary skills, gather the required resources, and be focused on living and working on purpose.

  2. With a vision of the future you will clearly define what you would like to see come to fruition. You, your team, and your significant other will also be inspired to help create this vision. Aligned and together, your collective focus, time, and energy will be re-directed towards creating the news.

  3. With a daily intention you will be brought immediately to the tasks right in front of you. By beginning each morning with an intention, step by step, moment by moment, decision by decision, you will be focused on your actions for today. You will be free of the past, be thriving in the present, and inspired for tomorrow.

No matter what your circumstances are, you have three possible mindsets. Living in the past, living in the present, or living in the future. There is only one mindset where you can take control, create a new story, and bring to life your hopes and dreams. You have the power to choose from this moment forward to live in the present, to be free of yesterday, and to create an amazing set of experiences while you still can. I hope for all of you, that you choose well.

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