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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

#AskNCM: How Should I Structure My Pay Plans?

Written By: NCM Institute
Posted on March 28, 2019

No pay plan is a substitute for sound management; but the right plan, coupled with the right management focus, will produce the desired results. Recently, automotive expert Steve Hall sat down to discuss one of our most requested topics, pay plans.

When you take the time to develop customized pay plans for variable and fixed operations, your team is armed with a motivational tool that produces bottom-line results. If you are struggling with turnover, employee performance, and attracting top talent, this #AskNCM video is for you!

Do you have a question you’d like answered by Steve or the other #AskNCM experts? Email us at askncm@ncmassociates.com or leave a comment below!

1 Comment
Tim Nelson April 8, 2019 11:44 PM

Any recommendation on how much of the pay plan should be comprised of CSI comp?

NCM says: For a customer facing position (service advisor, salesperson, departmental manager, etc.), I generally like to target around 10% of expected total monthly wages be related to CSI. If the dealership has substantial manufacturer money riding on CSI, I might increase the percentage to 15% of total expected wages for key positions.

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