Helping You Succeed from the OEM to NCM Associates

POSTED ON October 26, 2020

How have the past months changed you, your personal thinking, or your professional views?

I think it is safe to say that for all of us, at one point or another, we reconsidered certain aspects of our lives. The automotive industry has and will always be an evolving market where the need to revolutionize is essential. The last few months have proven that we can quickly adapt to new realities. Through the recent life-changing event that has impacted us all, I have learned that it is all the more important in this new environment to be flexible, think outside the box and reinvent ourselves. What I realized is that I have been practicing this through my entire career in the automotive industry. Working in this ever-changing, fast-paced environment has taught me to constantly stop, analyze, readapt, and even reinvent my way of doing things.

This recent pandemic has triggered all of what I mentioned above. When I do something, I tend to bring myself as far as I can go and once more, I did not fail. Having worked my whole career in the automotive industry, I never imagined changing my profession to reorient myself elsewhere, especially not during a pandemic. This industry shaped my career and my character. From the continuous improvement mentality to the process-oriented mind, I learned that perseverance with the right amount of competitiveness achieves great success.

Taking a recent major leap of faith on a personal level led me to a new career with NCM Associates. Joining the NCM team has helped me continue doing what I love and kept me to my roots, the Auto Industry. “Helping Each Other Succeed Every Day” is NCM’s statement and it resonates with me now more than ever. As a sports fan, I like comparing the support we offer to that of a hockey team. A team can have the best competing players, but without being surrounded by great supporting staff that can analyze the plays, train and coach with experience, this team would not go far. NCM Associates can be the OEMs’ and dealers’ greatest support to achieve outstanding results.

Having spent my career with OEMs thus far, I had the chance to use NCM’s services firsthand. In my eyes, as a client, NCM was the “dream team” that offered all-around solutions to enhance performance at all levels. Whether you have a question specific to financial statements or to the overall operations, someone can provide educated insights. As I learned the ropes, NCM was always available to help me understand areas of the financial statement that I was less familiar with, provide training in critical business areas and identify opportunities to enhance dealer network performance and profitability.

Being a new member of the NCM team, I quickly realized that how I perceived NCM as a partner was how the team truly operated. The motto of “Helping Each Other Succeed Every Day” is manifested with our clients but most importantly throughout the team. The automotive sector is a fast-moving one and having a wealth of information at our fingertips is key to making informed decisions. Through the Business Intelligence solutions, Consulting, Education and 20 Groups, NCM is the key partner to help make those important decisions, recover from challenging economic conditions and promote continuous growth.

If you are in the automotive industry, although it may seem sizable, there is great sense of community among all. Having the opportunity to working alongside a team that used to be a great partner to my organization, and now being able to support some who I have crossed paths with during my career at the OEM, is an exciting challenge. The start of this new journey in supporting the OEMs and the dealers has brought such interesting insights to what I used to only see the front end of. The auto market experience and knowledge are key to being a great partner; however, it is only a glimpse of all the expertise found in the NCM support team that builds, monitors and enhances such intricate software. A powerful business management solution like core® brings invaluable data and great opportunities to OEMs and dealers. Having been a “user” of multiple solutions makes me want to really get a good understanding of our partners’ challenges and how we can best support them in achieving results. As a trusted advisor, the market experience gained during my time with the OEM combined with the business management product knowledge will be an invaluable asset to my partnerships. Having the opportunity to advocate for such powerful solution brings me great excitement in working together to increase performance and profitability.

I have learned through my years of experience that choosing the right partner is a strategic decision. The financial statements are sometimes an understated mine for information. I believe that having the right partner can bring knowledge and confidence to use the data and achieve great results in the ever-changing automotive marketplace.