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The Simplest Common Denominator

WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lampton
Posted on December 06, 2018

Jeff Lampton takes a look at how to measure the service department using a single labor hour.


Key Processes that Drive Profitability

WRITTEN BY: Chip Maher
Posted on November 19, 2018

Chip Maher breaks down some key processes at your dealership to drive profitability

20 Group In Dealership Meeting

The Value of Visiting Another Dealer's Operation

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Cunningham
Posted on November 08, 2018

Change is rarely easy, even when we know the outcome is going to be successful. To improve the way we create positive outcomes, we see dealers taking their key managers to visit their 20 Group peers’ dealerships. Learn how this worked for one dealer.

Increase Automotive Service Opportunities

Discovering Lost Service Sales Opportunities

WRITTEN BY: Mark Shackelford
Posted on November 01, 2018

Service departments on average will retain 55-60% of their gross profit generated before other overhead and fixed expenses. Learn how to find more service opportunities.

Service Productivity and Retention

Find Additional Productivity Per Technician in Your Shop

WRITTEN BY: Chris Kahrs
Posted on October 15, 2018

Recruiting and retaining technicians has become a significant challenge to a lot of dealerships across the country. Learn how to improve technician productivity.