General Information

What is NCM, and what do you do?

Since 1947, NCM Associates has been empowering businesses to learn from each other with our world-class peer collaboration 20 Groups process. We grew up in the automotive dealer business, helping thousands of new and pre-owned auto dealers enhance their profitability. Along the way, we’ve expanded our clientele to include businesses in more than 20 other industries. In addition to 20 Groups, our offering includes innovative Benchmark® tools, educational programs and holistic consulting services that help our clients become more nimble and more profitable in today’s challenging economic environment.  NCM is 100% employee owned and we make it our mission to "Think Like Customers and Act Like Owners" in our daily interactions with our clients and our colleagues.

How much do your services cost? Will I get a good return on my investment?

Our 20 Group fees start at $240 per month and vary by type of group and number of members. NCM consulting services, educational programs and Benchmarking products are competitively priced, but more important, all NCM services are designed to give you the tools and guidance you need to maximize your profits through improved operating efficiencies and revenue. Time after time our clients validate that their return far exceeds their investment.

How are your services structured? Is it a one-time deal?

20 Groups, Benchmark tools and some consulting services are delivered over time on an ongoing basis. Other tools are available for individual purchase, including NCM Institute educational courses or some of our Benchmark products. We offer significant product and program discounts to those who participate in our 20 Groups and consulting programs, with a few of our Benchmarking tools reserved for these clients.

How do I get started?

When a business isn’t profitable or its profits are in decline, it’s time to strategically assess the total operations and develop a highly focused action plan for getting your business back on track. NCM’s services are designed to work in conjunction with each other for a holistic approach to business improvement, often at significant client discounts. Your first step may be to join one of our 20 Groups where you can benchmark your operation against your peers; or, you may find that immediate, focused attention is required from an NCM Consulting coach. Whatever your needs, NCM will apply a customized approach to help you get your business profitability on track. 

How do I know you can improve my business?

Don’t take our word for it! Instead, listen to what NCM clients have to say about the value—and drastically improved profits—we deliver. We have hundreds of client testimonials on file, with some featured right here on our Web site for you to review. Client referrals have been our number one source of new clients since our beginning in 1947. We’re proud of the fact that the first 20 Group is still meeting regularly today—now with third-generation members.