Cloud-based automotive tool that lets you manage expenses anywhere
Cloud-based automotive tool that lets you manage expenses anywhere

Software to help you take control of your dealership expenses.

In working with and listening to thousands of executives across North America, NCM Associates has identified a recurring theme: dealers are selling more but making less. For such clients, we suggest taking a long, hard look at the likely culprit—expenses.

The only online automotive software available today designed to track your payables, LiveAudit is the ultimate web-based expense management system that offers complete visibility of your dealership cash flow, thereby reducing potentially fraudulent activity. LiveAudit monitors bills, payments, and expense requests, all while learning from your dealership's spending trends. If it notes an anomaly, such as a payment that exceeds the norm, LiveAudit immediately sends you an alert. Are vendor contracts renewing without your knowledge? LiveAudit will notify you of vendor contract termination dates so you can stop the cycle of unwanted renewals. Are your pay plans in line with industry benchmarks? Use our tool to track them and make any necessary adjustments.

With LiveAudit as a key driver of your expense management strategy, you and your team can work toward a culture of transparency where the entire management staff, not just the controller, is held accountable for financial metrics and overall dealership success.

LiveAudit helps protect your profit margins and gives you the most precious commodity of all: peace of mind.

Understand Every Transaction


  • Prevent fraud with billing anomaly alerts
  • Monitor ALL rooftop expenses side by side
  • Cancel unwanted contracts BEFORE they renew
  • Track pay plans and other compensation expenses

Get real-world financial context.

LiveAudit is more than just a budgeting tool. Developed for dealers, by dealers, it organizes all your financial information in a useful and easy-to-understand format. Plus, it learns from your business, alerting you to suspicious spending that could impact your bottom line.

Take a peek at a few of the reports available through LiveAudit. Click the images below to enlarge.

Understand Every Transaction


  • Compare multiple rooftops
  • Track financial data by brand
  • Compare expenses
  • Monitor spending trends
  • Create alerts