Composites and Trend Reports

The right report for every business.

In addition to our 20 Group composites, NCM offers a variety of Benchmark reports for the automotive industry. We also offer composites to our clients in other industries, and many reports are available to any NCM client, regardless of 20 Group participation.

Single Dealership Composites: If you have just one location, this report compares your dealership’s operational data against the NCM Benchmark performance ratios and franchise averages.

Multi-Dealership Composites: Also called a Proprietary Composite, dealers with multiple locations use this comparative tool analyzing the financial performance of each of their dealerships against franchise-specific Benchmarks and their proprietary group averages. Automotive composites are based on the entire NCM database including high-line imports, regular-line imports and domestic lines, for better, “apples-to-apples” comparisons.

Forecast and Trend Reports: These popular and highly useful management tools, 24-Month and 3-Year Trend Reports, contain detailed information on departmental performance and profit retention over an extended time period. They can help you identify trends in your business so you can more effectively forecast, plan and manage for optimum profitability.

Profit Trend Analysis Report (PTA): The cornerstone financial product used with NCM’s in-dealership consultations, the Profit Trend Analysis (PTA) is an operational composite that compares individual dealership 90-day performance trends and year-to-date data versus NCM franchise-specific Benchmark averages. The PTA report details the trends of your operation, department by department, for the most current business quarter with side-by-side comparisons of all revenue and expense accounts over the past three months, making it an excellent tool for monthly reviews with all your department managers. Get the details about the PTA here.

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