Fetch Instant Dealer Operations (FIDO)

Where can you get instant access to six months of operating performance data as compared to your franchise peers? FIDO, NCM’s newest financial tool, will become your trusted companion in helping you run your business by the numbers that will lead to greater profitability.

Instant access means you’ll see how your month is trending against your franchise peers in 35 key performance areas as NCM receives the monthly data feeds beginning in the second week of the month and through the third week of the month. For that 2 week window, you’ll see the Benchmark averages changing as the data pool is filled, which allows your organization to address opportunities and deficiencies in real time. And you'll see the current month's performance side-by-side with the previous five month's data as well!

A unique feature of the FIDO online tool is that you can toggle between the traditional Total Dealership Net to Gross NCM Benchmark average and a new Line Item NCM Benchmark average, which features the results of the top producers for each of the displayed metrics.

Daily Monitoring Leads to Better Monthly Results

  • Instant calculation of key data to quickly identify performance vs. NCM Benchmark averages
  • Critical, 30-180 day trend identification with graphical overview
  • Keeps the organization flexible and responsive to daily and monthly trends
  • Allows dealership to reallocate resources into areas that need focused attention
  • All reports formatted in PDF for easy print capability
  • Mobile access via your iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry devices

If you still have questions or want to learn more about how FIDO can help your dealership’s operating performance, please submit your interest via a contact form or call Business Development at 877.803.3631 today.

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