Online Dealership Analysis Tools

Composite 2.0

This interactive financial analysis tool is NCM's most advanced Benchmark composite. Composite 2.0 is an always-available online tool that allows the user to see the dealership operation as compared to the group's members, the group average and the franchise Benchmark, while also giving them the ability to instantly focus on the information most relevant and useful to their operation. Users create custom report profiles by re-ranking pages on selected metrics, in ascending or descending order, removing certain group members from the review with or without adjusting the group average. Composite 2.0 is about laser focus and expedited analysis that gives you unprecedented control over your data enabling you to see your operation in a variety of contexts and in ways that are customized to your needs.

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Reality Check

This dealership overview, visible online and on the first several pages of your composite, narrows the range of metrics to from 50 to 57 critical areas of influence. Areas of significant opportunities (performance below group average), are now easily identifiable and broken down by department.

In addition, all metrics are listed out individually along with Page and Line Number identification, assisting in a more productive review of your composite. Robust and succinct, Reality Check assists you in getting right to the heart of your opportunity.

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Heat Map

Heat Map gives you a visual representation of your dealership’s operating performance displayed as colors according to how each department compares to the NCM Benchmark average. Presented as a blueprint, you’ll be encouraged to click on any department according to the trend of its shade. This will reveal a series of gauges representing the performance of each key metric in the department as compared to the Benchmark value, allowing you to quickly target and focus on your areas of greatest opportunity.

This product is available for both our single and multi-store operators.

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iMEDIA Electronic Composite

Imagine being able to compare your financial statement numbers with the NCM Benchmarks within one day! Along with the normal, monthly composite mailing, you have the option of receiving an electronic composite at no additional charge. The electronic version is available in an Excel spreadsheet format, which allows you to develop your own charts, graphs and do individual analysis. This version gives you your composite data the day we produce it. If you consider duplication and mail time, receipt of your data will be reduced by 3-5 days.

Profit Trend Analysis (PTA)

Your exclusive dealership operational composite that details the trends of your dealership for the most current business quarter, with side-by-side comparisons of all revenue and expense accounts over the past three months. Used as the foundational Benchmarking tool for the NCM Profit Correction Meeting, the PTA is an invaluable resource when used in conjunction with focused profit improvement projects.


An excellent “live” tool which effectively illustrates your past 12- to 18-month trends in all departmental focus accounts. It is very useful in developing relevant monthly, quarterly and annual budgets, as all your key numbers and trends are right in front of you. Use the Meeting-in-a-Box to share your trends with your management team each month.

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FIDO – Fetch Instant Dealer Operations

An online tool that will give you instant access via the Web, your BlackBerry or your iPhone to 35 key performance metrics, by department, with trending for six months, and versus your franchise Benchmarks. FIDO keeps your performance numbers available to you at all times and effectively assists you in raising total management awareness of key operating metrics in your dealership.

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FIDO for Buy Here Pay Here

Like the franchise FIDO tool, but with metrics pertinent to BHPH dealers, FIDO for BHPH shows 26 key performance metrics, also trended for six months. Metrics are divided among Grosses, Expenses, Collections, Personnel and Inventory categories.

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