Business Travel Management

Why Work With Travel Solutions?

We go the extra mile so you can, too.

As it becomes more common to book vacations and corporate travel online, you may wonder if it still makes sense to work with a travel agency. In general, the more complex the trip, the better off you’ll be getting the advice of a professional travel agent. But there are advantages even on the shortest trips. Here are five reasons to consider working with Travel Solutions:

While we can’t control prices, our professionals will find accurate information on the latest deals and promotions that you might not find online, while ensuring you avoid the headache and expense of cancellation penalties and restrictions.

When it comes to planning a stress-free trip, experience pays off. With an average of more than 20 years in the travel industry, our agents know how the system works and will help you find the package that’s right for you.

One-stop shopping: Save time and money by having Travel Solutions handle every aspect of your trip, from transportation and lodging to dining and activities.

Consumer advocate: Our travel agents don’t stop working for you once you’ve booked your trip. With Travel Solutions, an agent is available 24/7 to resolve issues and make last-minute changes to airline tickets, hotel and rental car reservations and more.

Personalized service: We know you and your travel needs and offer unbiased information. Our mission is to prove that we work for you by helping you create the perfect trip—something no travel Web site can offer. 

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