20 Group Candidate Introduction Program

The Candidate Introduction Program is designed to prepare potential dealer 20 Group members for active meeting involvement by familiarizing them with the meeting tools and group culture before they get to the first meeting. The CIP produces candidates who are well-prepared for full meeting participation right from the start. It is a fee-based, monthly support program that begins at the time the candidate is approved for meeting attendance and ends upon the candidate’s acceptance to the group.

The Candidate Introduction Program is comprised of the following:

  • Custom Candidate Composite featuring the prospect’s operating data as compared to the group average and NCM franchise-specific Benchmark®, as well as group ranking.  
  • Moderator-directed review of the Candidate Composite and the group’s meeting agenda.
  • Profit Trend Analysis and phone consultation with an NCM Retail Coach for better understanding of past quarter’s performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • FIDO™ online Benchmarking tool for six-month comparative trend analysis.

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