20 Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an NCM® 20 Group?

Each 20 Group is comprised of principals and managers from non-competing businesses who are willing to discuss each other’s operations in detail. 20 Group meetings provide you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers three times a year away from your business, allowing you to analyze your operation and identify new ways to maximize profits and stay ahead of the competition.

Why should I join?

The simple answer: to become more profitable! To be successful, you must surround yourself with other successful people in your business. Everyone benefits from the overview of their financial data and operational information. Open discussions of best practices provide new ideas you can implement at your own business. You will receive customized financial composites and other analytical tools to compare your operation with group- and manufacturer-specific Benchmark metrics. The composite allows you to compare every facet of your operation with some of the top business operations in the country.

Who decides what is discussed in the meetings?

Group members determine the agenda based on what topics are most relevant and important to them. Your 20 Group Moderator will use input that you and other members provide to create the meeting agenda and facilitate the many other services NCM provides.

How long are the meetings?

They range from one-and-a-half to three days, depending on the format chosen by each group.

Who runs the meetings?

NCM’s professional moderators — industry veterans with real-world, in-depth retail leadership experience — facilitate the meetings, while selected members of the group act as the meeting’s chairperson.

Where will the meetings be held?

Locations are selected by the group’s members. Many groups schedule meetings in a member city to conduct an on-site review and critique of the hosting company’s operation. This popular process proves as valuable to the visitors as to the host.

How much does it cost?

Meeting fees are as low as $260 per month and vary by type of group and number of members. This covers monthly financial tools and the cost of the meeting. You also will be responsible for your travel expenses and an allocation of the cost required to cover group meals, meeting room and guest speaker expenses.

How do I keep in touch with members and my moderator between meetings?

Members are able to chat, share files, photos and links and micro-blog with fellow group members through our secure communication platform, NCM Community NCM also provides each group a secure and confidential listserv. This convenient, easy-to-use e-mail list forum allows group members to collaborate and exchange ideas year-round.

For more information, e-mail joinnow@ncmassociates.com