Buy Here, Pay Here 20 Groups, Training and Consulting

NCM offers your Buy Here, Pay Here or Lease Here, Pay Here dealerships a number of services designed to help drive your profitability, including 20 Groups, Consulting, Training and Finance and Collections guidance.We are committed to offering the finest professional financial and operational management services available in the automotive industry.

BHPH Twenty Groups

Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) 20 Groups are comprised of dealers in the industry who meet at scheduled times to exchange best practices and discuss profitable management solutions and cost saving suggestions with a mutual objective of improving member profitability.

NCM pays close attention to each member’s portfolio so each group is comprised of comparably-sized dealers in terms number of lots owned, the number of units sold per month, as well as the number and dollar amount of outstanding accounts.Furthermore, group members are situated geographically to gain the benefit of ideas from all parts of the country, to assure open and frank discussions with no danger of losing business secrets to a neighbor.

20 Group Topics Include:

  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Reconditioning
  • Aging
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Aftermarket Products
  • Financing
  • Collections Policies & Procedures
  • Delinquency Percentages
  • Employee Productivity

Buy Here, Pay Here 20 Group members receive a monthly composite of comparative statistics compiled from a reporting form submitted by each group member. In addition to the monthly composite, NCM now offers FIDO for your BHPH dealership. FIDO is an online reporting tool that will allow you to track your financial performance from your PC, iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry.

On-site or Off-site Consulting and Training

NCM Associates offers webinars,on-site and off-site training and consultation specific to the BHPH industries. You don’t have to go it alone or guess; NCM's expert BHPH/LHPH trainers and consultants have 40 years of combined experience to assist you in establishing and operating a successful, more profitable operation.

Call 800.756.2620 or email Business Development to find out more about NCM’s BHPH services, or submit your interest in joining a BHPH 20 Group by using our online interest form.