Independent Retail Dealer 20 Groups

Listen to Greg Goebel,
our Independent Retail Dealer expert,
discuss the benefits of being in an
NCM Independent Dealer 20 Group.

Operate outside your dealership.

Peer collaboration and NCM composite Benchmark review isn't just for the franchise dealer. NCM offers 20 Groups for the Independent Retail Dealer who is looking to find new opportunities and fresh perspectives on addressing the dealership's toughest challenges.

Without the luxury of a manufacturer to turn to when times are tough or when you can't find the way to get from good to great, who better to turn to than your fellow Independent Retail peers?

Listen to Greg Goebel, our Independent Retail Dealer expert discuss the benefits of being in an NCM Independent Dealer 20 Group. 

Why join an Independent Dealer 20 Group?

  • The opportunity to share best practices with your peers
  • A composite that enables you to measure your performance against your peers and NCM Benchmarks
  • New and fresh ideas
  • Guidance from an NCM Executive Conference Moderator
  • The ability to get away to get focused

To get involved with an NCM Independent Retail Dealer 20 Group, please fill out the 20 Group Interest Form or for more information, call 877.803.3631.