Manager 20 Groups

Accelerate your managers’ competencies.

You know the impact your 20 Group has had on your skills as a manager and a leader. Consider the benefit of 20 Group membership for all your department heads to ensure that they are properly positioned to manage today’s challenges and to increase their value and effectiveness in your dealership. Getting your key managers and directors into NCM® Manager 20 Groups demonstrates that you are serious about building their professional competencies and cultivating a high-performance organization.

Proven leadership in automotive retail.

NCM 20 Group moderators are known for their real world, retail relevant experience and our Manager Groups are no different. All NCM Manager 20 Groups are moderated by a veteran automotive retailer who has experienced the day-to-day pressures and successes that your team leaders are experiencing.

Get them away to get them focused.

There is nothing more rewarding than the information-sharing and peer accountability that being part of a 20 Group offers to your professional development. Share your drive for excellence with your managers and watch them drive more success for you and your dealership! NCM currently has groups for the following:

  • General Managers
  • CFOs & Controllers
  • General Sales Managers
  • Internet/BDC Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Fixed Operations 
  • Service Managers
  • Used Vehicle Managers
  • Parts Managers
  • Collision Managers

If you are interesting in taking the next step toward greater profitability, join an NCM 20 Group, grow your business and learn from the best then fill out the 20 Group Interest Form or call us at 877.803.3631.