MOTOR TREND Certified Advantage Dealer 20 Groups

NCM has been chosen by MOTOR TREND® and EasyCare® as the exclusive MOTOR TREND Certified Advantage Dealer 20 Group provider.  This strategic alliance is designed to ensure that MTCA dealers are maximizing the value of their participation in this dedicated pre-owned program.  Through the proven NCM 20 Group model, dealers learn from each other and just as important, Motor Trend and EasyCare will to learn how to enhance and improve the MTCA program for their certified pre-owned dealers.  NCM facilitates that process and ensures commitments from all parties are captured.

The MTCA program is designed to complement the OEM CPO programs…not to compete with them.  For example, several of the current group members MTCA-certify each of their pre-owned vehicles in addition to the OEM certification.  Why?  The MTCA program offers features that the OEM programs don’t, such as paint-less dent repair and key replacement.  It’s the best of both worlds.  An MTCA dealer can certify a vehicle from a brand they don’t represent or enhance the CPO program for the makes they do.

Of course, the topic of pre-owned is a recurring one for these dealers.It is not uncommon to hear a member-dealer say, “I’ve been in the business 30 years and I thought I knew used cars.” Participating group members also report significant increases in used car service retention with the program driving service back to their shops.

Want to learn more about becoming an MTCA dealer or ready to join exclusive MTCA Dealer 20 Group? Simply complete the form here and an NCM representative will be in contact with you soon with details.