Steve Hollosi


Steve Hollosi

Steve’s retail experience has been mostly in Florida in a very competitive and high-volume market. He has been associated and partnered with very good organizations and owner operators, representing several franchises across the auto spectrum. Among them were Ford, Lincoln, GMC, Buick, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, and some second-tier Asian manufacturers represented in our groups over his 35 years of retail automotive experience.

As dealer operator, he had responsibility for single and multi-unit operations. The teams Steve was responsible for consistently preformed above regional, and budgetary expectations, and ranked in the top ten percent of Florida market operators. Under his leadership the dealerships preformed to above industry standers in all measurables. Steve’s operational philosophy has always been consumer-centric, while maintaining profit margins with a high percent of net to sales.

On the fixed operations side he always looked to innovate and provide value driven products and services to the guests. Fixed coverage numbers ran above OEM standards, contributing in maintaining a high net margin while assuring great customer satisfactions.

As the group grow through acquisitions, he managed a good blend of medium and large mergers, providing opportunity for growth and increased market share.

During Steve’s career, he worked with organizations requiring his ability to present, collaborate, and share best practices across the spectrum on key matrix with stakeholders and OEM on operational challenges and successes, using oral and visual presentations. All presentations were precise, and resolution driven.

While serving on the Ford Motor company’s Lincoln National Dealer Council as select dealer chairman, representing 465 select dealers for three consecutive years, before and during the Covid pandemic.  Meetings in Detroit face to face quarterly and Zoom meetings monthly.

During Steve’s carrier he also had the honor of serving on several health care organizations/hospitals as Chairman of the board, where he had responsibilities conducting board meetings with structure covering agenda driven items bridging across of all hospital operations supported by facts and data and deliver result on schedule in a timely fashion.

His expertise are in all facets of dealer operations, strategic growth development, human capital development. Steve is passionate about people.

Steve was born in Budapest Hungary, is married to his wife Rita and they have thee grown children, and five grandchildren, he enjoys cooking, Steve is a gourmet chef graduated Cordon Blue culinary arts in Europe before coming to the United State. He volunteers in different capacities in support of his community.

Contact Information
800-756-2620 4717 Grand Ave. #500
Kansas City, MO 64112