You have questions, we have answers
You have questions, we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 20 Groups: How do members communicate between 20 Group meetings?

    NCM provides members with a secure, easy-to-use and operate, communication portal and group list. Communicating between meetings is just like sending an email through your preferred email platform.

  • axcessa: Does it connect to my DMS?

    axcessa integrates seamlessly with Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK/ADP, DealerTrack/Arkona, ACS/Dominion, DealerBuilt, and Procede/Excede DMS systems.

  • Travel: Can I make changes to my airline ticket once it is confirmed?

    Once your ticket is issued, you have 24 hours to make changes without a penalty. After 24 hours, all tickets are non-refundable and subject to the airline’s change fee. We recommend that you review your ticketed reservation as soon as you get the confirmation, and let us know within 24 hours if any changes are needed.

  • Training: Are the preferred hotels for the NCM Institute close to the training facility?

    Yes! All the preferred hotels for NCMi training are within a block of our training facilities where NCMi classes are held. A shuttle is available each day to take you to and from class.

  • Benchmark Reports: Can I view my report online?

    NCM offers our Benchmark reports in print and digitally. Our Members Website is secure and offers a safe viewing module for your financial data and reports. Online viewing is not offered for one-time reports, but all our other products are available online for 24/7 viewing on-the-go. Give us a call at 800-756-2620 to order yours today.

  • Consulting: How can I schedule a custom consultation with an automotive retail expert?

    Call us at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a consulting visit.

  • Training: How does NCM’s GMEP compare to the NADA Dealer Academy?

    NCMi’s General Executive Management Program (GMEP) is an in-depth training program designed to best prepare high-potential managers to succeed in all areas of a dealership. Whether a single-point store or a dealer group, we can help you develop the next generation of leadership in your organization.

    To learn more, give us a call at 866-756-2620. You can also read our GMEP vs Dealer Academy comparison here.

  • Travel: Can you help arrange transportation from airports, meetings, and other reservations?

    Yes, we can help you select the optimal transportation needs for your upcoming trip. To get started on a detailed itinerary, please call 800-242-3260 or email us at

  • Training : Outside of class, is there a lot to do around my hotel?

    If you choose to stay at an NCMi preferred hotel, you will be located on the Country Club Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. This area has multiple restaurants of various cuisines, shopping opportunities, movie theaters, art museums, parks/gardens, and more within walking distance.

  • Benchmark Reports: How do I purchase reports?

    Simply give us a call at 800-756-2620 to discuss the best product for your business needs.

  • HealthCheck: Can I get regional benchmarks?

    Yes. HealthCheck organizes more than 300 NCM data points into franchise-specific national and regional benchmarks, and national and regional benchmarks by sales volume.

  • axcessa: How much does it cost?

    Call us at 877-361-4961 for a complimentary quote!

  • 20 Groups: How much does 20 Group membership cost?

    20 Group pricing varies by the type of group and number of members. For a complimentary quote, call 800-756-2620 or email The membership fee (billed quarterly prior to the quarter start) covers monthly financial tools and the cost of the meeting. You also will be responsible for your travel expenses (flight, hotel, transportation, meals on your own, activities) and an allocation of the cost to cover group meals, meeting room expenses, and guest speaker costs.

  • Consulting: If I have a specific area of concern, can I meet with a consultant and focus solely on that area?

    Yes! NCM’s retail automotive consultants are happy to work with you on any area of your business, and each consultant session can be tailored to your needs. From departmental focus, to a complete overview of your operations, we can visit your business to help address any challenges you're facing, as well as any issues lurking below the surface. Call us at 877-497-2363 or email to schedule a consulting visit today!

  • HealthCheck: Can I see how it is calculating my grade?

    Yes. HealthCheck offers complete transparency to your performance evaluation. For more information, mouse over each icon and grade to display the formula.

Corporate Travel
Let the qualified team at NCM Travel Solutions handle your flight and hotel for any business travel you may have.