You have questions, we have answers
You have questions, we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 20 Groups: How do members communicate between meetings?

    NCM provides members with a secure email Listserv that is easy to set up and operates as though you’re simply sending an email through your preferred email platform.

  • axcessa: Does it connect to my DMS?

    Integration with Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK/ADP, DealerTrack/Arkona, ACS/Dominion, DealerBuilt, and Procede/Excede DMS systems is available.

  • Benchmark Reports: Can I view my report online?

    Yes! NCM offers all its products in print AND online. Our website is secure and offers a safe viewing module for your financial data compiled in our useful reports. Note: Online viewing is not offered for one-time reports, but all our other products are available online for 24/7 viewing on-the-go. Give us a call at 800-756-2620 to order yours today.

  • Consulting: If I have a specific area of concern, for example my service department, can I have a consultant come in just for that?

    Yes! Our consultants are eager to come to your business to help with any issues you may foresee, as well as any issues lurking below the surface. Call us at 800-756-2620 or email to schedule a consulting visit today!

  • HealthCheck: Can I control who sees my dealership’s valuation?

    Yes. You can set permissions in the HealthCheck system to limit which screens each user can access. This means that managers can use HealthCheck’s valuable performance, benchmarking, and grading information without accessing private information about your company assets. As an administrator, you, the owner, would have visibility to all valuation and performance data.

  • Training: Can I bring my luggage and/or laptop to class?

    Yes! We know that most of our attendees are coming from out of town and may check out of their hotel rooms prior to the last day of class. To help, we’ve provided secure space in our training facility to stow your luggage while you’re in class. Also, our classrooms are WiFi enabled and offer many outlets for laptop, tablet, or cell phone charging. We want you to feel comfortable while you train!

  • Travel: Are the preferred hotels for the NCM Institute close to the training facility?

    Yes! The hotels are within a block of NCM’s headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., where NCMi training is held. The area is called the Country Club Plaza and offers many dining and shopping options.

  • Travel: Can I make changes to my airline ticket once it is confirmed?

    Once your ticket is issued, you have 24 hours to make changes without a penalty. After 24 hours, all tickets are non-refundable and subject to the airline’s change fee. We recommend that you review your ticketed reservation as soon as you get the confirmation, and let us know within 24 hours if any changes are needed.

  • Training: Can I take levels one and two in the same week?

    Course levels one and two can be taken during the same week, but due to the amount of information provided, its recommended that you spread out these course times to retain as much of the material as possible.

  • HealthCheck: Can I get regional benchmarks?

    Yes. HealthCheck organizes more than 300 NCM data points into franchise-specific national and regional benchmarks, and national and regional benchmarks by sales volume.

  • Consulting: If I’m already in a 20 Group, what is the benefit of having a consultant come to my store?

    A 20 Group provides peer collaboration to receive feedback based on what you’ve already identified as areas of concern. Scheduling a consultant to come to your store allows for a deep dive into your processes, conversations with department managers about their numbers and processes, as well as the opportunity to have each of these managers set a commitment to meet in between recurring consulting visits.

  • Benchmark Reports: How do I purchase reports?

    Give us a call at 800-756-2620 to find the best product for your business needs.

  • axcessa: How much does it cost?

    Call us at 877-361-4961 for a complimentary quote!

  • 20 Groups: How much does involvement in a group cost?

    20 Group pricing varies by type of group and number of members. For a complimentary quote, call 800-756-2620 or email The membership fee (billed quarterly prior to the quarter start) covers monthly financial tools and the cost of the meeting. You also will be responsible for your travel expenses (flight, hotel, transportation, meals on your own, activities) and an allocation of the cost to cover group meals, meeting room expenses, and guest speaker costs.

  • 20 Groups: How often do groups meet?

    Because each group is self-governing, the group decides how often to meet. Most meet two or three times per year.

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