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Welcome to NCM's Up to Speed Blog

Dealership Blogging: Does It Really Work?

Written By: Chelsea Stillwell
Posted on August 04, 2016

Everyone loves free information. And free information brings in customers. In a fact, 90% of future car buyers report that they search online for answers to their questions about their next vehicle purchase or service.

Three strategies for blogging success

Because of this push for knowledge, blogs are no longer a luxury. But you have to do it right if you want to get the best results for your dealership.

1. Become an industry expert

Defy the stereotypes! Show future buyers that dealing with car dealers actually can be better than eating worms! Online research can frustrate customers, partly because we often let third-party sites educate them with inaccurate and confusing information.

Blogging is one of the best ways for your dealership staff to establish authority and expertise. Once Google realizes you’re an authority on the topic(s) customers are searching for, you’re going to see increased traffic from search engines. And who doesn’t want to drive more traffic to their website?

2. Stick to a schedule

I often see dealerships post a few blogs and end up quitting. You have to blog regularly and remain focused on providing high-quality information. Did you know that Google knows the difference between high and low-quality? This is one of Google’s 200 ranking factors!

Make sure you create a schedule you can maintain by creating an editorial calendar.

3. Tackle current issues

Talk to your staff and find out the “top ten” questions they answer on a regular basis. You can do this for both Sales and Service. Make sure to write posts about your local area and events because this will also boost your local relevancy. Another hint? Review everything! Customers often add the word “review” to many of their searches.

Keep in mind that you must write fresh content instead of copying and pasting from your manufacturer’s website. Google and your customers know the difference.

The icing on the cake? Ongoing communication is like marketing: You have to stay top of mind with your clients. How else are you going to provide customers with a steady stream of information without scaring them away? Customers may ignore your ads, but blogs include content they actually want to read. Supplying this content gets them to your website and helps humanize your dealership.

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