Benchmark products that matter to your business
Benchmark products that matter to your business

It's a numbers game, and our Benchmark reports have the right numbers.

Our expertise in developing and utilizing statistical and financial analyses to help improve business operations is a result of more than 70 years of experience in the automotive industry. By analyzing a comprehensive range of financial data, our clients can compare their performance to other organizations and industry averages. Receive our benchmark reports and get the training you need to make the most of your data. We constantly push the limits of our clients' performance.

64K Statements Yrly
330 Composites/Mth
400+ Benchmarks
37 Franchises

Composites and Trend Reports

The monthly composite reports NCM creates have proven to be an invaluable management tool for our clients to help them achieve greater profitability in a highly competitive industry.

To create a Benchmark, NCM calculates the average of the top half of the best performers of all clients reporting for a particular franchise. Additionally, all of our composites, including some non-automotive versions, include our Benchmark-driven Reality Check where we measure more than 50 key items in a composite that, we believe, determine how well a dealership is performing overall. In the Reality Check, when a cell is green, a dealer is exceeding the Benchmark. When a cell is red, the dealer is performing below average.

NCM offers a wide variety of automotive and industry Benchmark tools in easy-to-use print and digital formats. We provide 20 Group clients with a custom monthly composite—and the training they need to make the most of it—as part of their membership.

More benchmarking tools, customized for you

In addition to the 20 Group monthly composites, we also offer other reporting tools to better serve your unique business needs.

  • Profit Trend Analysis (PTA): This composite is the cornerstone financial product commonly used with NCM’s in-dealership consultations. The PTA is a customized, single-dealer product, comparing one dealer’s data to a franchise-specific Benchmark. It closely follows the layout of each manufacturer’s financial statement, making it easier for you to understand, and it also includes the Reality Check. The PTA report details the trends of your operation for the most current business quarter with side-by-side comparisons of all revenue and expense accounts over the past three months, serving as an excellent tool for monthly reviews with all your department managers.
  • Peer Performance Package (PPP): The PPP is a customized, year-to-date, single-dealer product available in printed and online versions. The PPP is available to dealers who want to compare their operation to a franchise-specific benchmark. Like the PTA, the PPP closely follows the layout of each manufacturer’s financial statement. If you'd like a deeper dive into the PPP, NCM Retail Solutions experts are available for on-site consultations to assist you with finding improvement opportunities.
  • Multi-Dealership Composites: Also called Proprietary Composites, dealers with multiple locations use this comparative tool to analyze the financial performance of each rooftop against franchise-specific or multi-franchise Benchmarks and their proprietary group averages. Automotive composites are based on the entire NCM database, including high-line, import, and domestic dealers, for a better apples-to-apples comparison.