Benchmark Reports

It's a numbers game, and we have the right numbers.

Our experience in developing and utilizing statistical and financial analysis to help improve dealership operations is a result of over 60 years experience in the automotive industry. By analyzing a comprehensive range of financial data, 20 Group members can compare their performance to other organizations and industry averages.

Gauge your performance against the best.

At the heart of the NCM Benchmark for Success process is a calculation of the top half of all the members of a specific franchise. The monthly composite reports we create have proven to be an invaluable management tool for our members in helping them achieve greater profitability. While other consultants provide similar reports, they're not all created equal. At NCM, we create new Benchmark averages regularly to ensure the most current market trends are accurately displayed. All members receive this report and the training they need to make the most of it.

Reports where and when you need them.

NCM's wide variety of Benchmark reports are available to you in easy to use, print or online formats. If you are always on the go, and need your numbers available on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, look into FIDO.

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