You have questions, we have answers
You have questions, we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 20 Groups: How do members communicate between meetings?

    NCM provides members with a secure email Listserv that is easy to set up and operates as though you’re simply sending an email through your preferred email platform.

  • 20 Groups: How much does involvement in a group cost?

    20 Group pricing varies by type of group and number of members. For a complimentary quote, call 800-756-2620 or email The membership fee (billed quarterly prior to the quarter start) covers monthly financial tools and the cost of the meeting. You also will be responsible for your travel expenses (flight, hotel, transportation, meals on your own, activities) and an allocation of the cost to cover group meals, meeting room expenses, and guest speaker costs.

  • 20 Groups: How often do groups meet?

    Because each group is self-governing, the group decides how often to meet. Most meet two or three times per year.

  • 20 Groups: How will involvement in a 20 Group benefit my operation?

    Our 20 Group model has been empowering businesses to learn from each other since 1947. Everyone benefits from the overview of financial and operational data and processes. Shared discussions of best practices generate solutions that you can take home for implementation. Monthly financial composites allow you to compare, in detail, every facet of your operation with some of the top business operators in the country.

  • 20 Groups: What do I need to do to join?

    Complete a 20 Group application or email us at For any questions, please contact our Client Engagement Center at 800-756-2620.

  • 20 Groups: What is an NCM 20 Group?

    A group of peers from non-competing markets who discuss their businesses in detail, with the express intent of improving sales and growing net profits. These groups are about changing your score, not keeping score. Each member agrees to invest in their peers’ success, offer honest feedback, and create genuine accountability. Each member of a 20 Group receives a monthly financial composite, which allows for side-by-side comparisons between peer organizations. Composites are an excellent accountability tool for owners and managers alike, providing a detailed review of your business.

  • 20 Groups: Where will meetings be held?

    Locations are selected by group members. Many groups schedule meetings in a member city to conduct an onsite review and critique of the hosting company’s operation. This popular practice proves as valuable to the visitors as it is to the host. Additionally, many groups meet in destination locations and bring their spouses. Some groups even schedule spouse activities during meeting times!

  • 20 Groups: Who decides what is discussed in meetings?

    Group members determine which topics comprise the agenda. Generally, groups elect an executive committee or meeting chairpeople who work with the group’s moderator to create the meeting agenda and choose meeting locations, restaurant options, and activities.

  • 20 Groups: Who runs the meetings?

    NCM’s professional moderators, industry veterans with real-world, in-depth retail leadership experience facilitate the meetings, while selected members of the group act as the meeting chairperson on a rotating basis.

  • 20 Groups: What is NCM Community?

    NCM Community is a propriety communication platform developed by NCM for its 20 Group members and is offered as a complimentary, value-added service. Accessible via the members website, clients enjoy an industry news feed, micro-blog activity stream, and online chat to keep the great dialogue going outside the meeting room.

    The micro-blog allows for secure file sharing for the exclusive benefit of the 20 Group, including the ability to post pictures and web links. The chat feature shows who's online and provides instant discussion partners, if desired.

    If you have questions, please contact your 20 Group moderator or coordinator.

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