We are people-oriented, data-driven
We are people-oriented, data-driven

Put our Benchmark reports to work for you.

More than 70 years ago, NCM Associates was founded to develop statistical and financial analyses to help improve dealership performance for a small group of Ford dealers. Today, we continue to serve thousands of business owners across North America with our innovative Benchmark tools. Our intention is to always challenge our clients to perform at a higher level.

Our competition may provide similar reports; however, not all reports are created equal. NCM's industry-recognized Benchmark reports analyze a comprehensive range of financial and operational data, allowing clients to compare their performance to other organizations and industry averages. NCM regularly creates new automotive and industry benchmark averages so our clients have the most accurate and up-to-date market trends. Most importantly, our clients entrust us with their data because we do not use an outside vendor to create our Benchmark reports. NCM has a dedicated in-house team to manage and process all client data.

NCM opened my eyes on key metrics and areas of opportunities within our business that we could improve upon.

Anthony Petito, Director/Manager, Paragon Honda

[NCM's] monthly composite is vital to managing your business by the numbers because if you’re not keeping score, how do you know you’re going to win the game?

Brian Schultz, General Manager, Riverview Auto Sales

The wealth of information in the monthly composite is endless. We are able to compare ourselves to industry benchmarks and tweak our business as necessary to become more profitable and stable.

John Rockwell, Owner, Automotive Financial Services
Automotive Benchmark Reports and Benchmark Comparison
Benchmark Reports

In addition to our 20 Group composites, NCM offers a variety of benchmark tools for the automotive industry. We also offer composites to our clients in other industries, and many benchmark reports are available to any NCM client, regardless of 20 Group participation. With benchmark reports where and when you need them, you can gauge your performance against the best.


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