Compare your dealership performance against the right benchmarks
Compare your dealership performance against the right benchmarks

Alleviate margin compression with regional, not just national, benchmark comparisons.

The most profitable dealerships in the automotive industry are constantly and consistently evaluating their current processes and procedures against benchmarks, and making the necessary adjustments to improve. Many dealers make the mistake of relying solely on national averages when, in reality, they need to compare their performance against the competition in their regional market. While national benchmarks are certainly important, they don't reflect the unique challenges in your own backyard.

Driving toward benchmarks that are too high or, conversely, too low is likely compounding your margin compression problem.

To address this industry gap, NCM Associates and its partner, Intelligent Dealer, created HealthCheck. HealthCheck is a cloud-based asset management tool that monitors overall and departmental performance against other dealerships of the same franchise and sales volume based on both national and regional benchmarks. Using a unique algorithm developed by Haig Partners, HealthCheck helps dealers evaluate their dealership health in five key, strategic areas: cash, revenue, expenses, compensation, and profits. 

Created by dealers, for dealers, HealthCheck is yet another example of NCM's commitment to providing the right solutions for our clients. Let HealthCheck help you and your team alleviate margin compression and focus on specific areas of improvement.

Safeguard Your Legacy with HealthCheck


  • Instantly access dealership value
  • Identify key business drivers
  • Uncover growth opportunities
  • Get graded on performance
  • Accessible online, 24/7

Does your dealership make the grade?

HealthCheck scores your financial health in five key areas: cash, revenue, expenses, compensation, and profits. Each segment is given a letter grade—A, B, C, or D—based on NCM’s vast collection of franchise-specific, regional, and volume-based Benchmarks.

Never again be surprised at a valuation. NCM regularly updates HealthCheck with current market and franchise data, meaning you get a cost-effective appraisal each and every month.

Take a peek at a few of the reports available through HealthCheck. Click the images below to enlarge.

Compare Against National & Regional Benchmarks


  • 300+ NCM Benchmark data points for evaluations
  • Regional data sets
  • Valuations based on franchise