Profit Correction Meeting

This intense, interactive meeting at your dealership involves you and your department heads working with your personal NCM Coach to help you gain insights on profit opportunities and execute effective corrective action plans - all with a goal of achieving 30 percent net to gross.

Success through teamwork and accountability.

Your NCM retail coach will use our industry-leading Profit Trend Analysis to detail your dealership's financial performance department by department and compare your performance to NCM 20 Group Benchmark averages. Manager Commitment Plans are then structured, reviewed and prioritized by your entire management team, fostering a cohesive environment by setting achievable win-win objectives. Follow-up meetings are scheduled monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, depending upon the demands of your operation.

NCM Profit Correction Meetings generate real results for our clients. There is no doubt the PCM program will be the catalyst for improving the profitability of your dealership, too.

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