Service Manager and Advisor Training

Focused instruction that leads to wide-ranging gains

Targeted at improving the operational processes of your Service and Parts departments, the Service Manager and Advisor Training Program teaches contemporary selling and customer-handling skills. The program is completed over two consecutive weeks, utilizing evening sessions to avoid interference with daily dealership operations.

Putting performance first.

This in-depth training program is focused on improving staff performance in organized, measurable ways. Effective Service Manager and Advisor performance objectives are set, and monitoring metrics are implemented to ensure their success. Training techniques are interactive, and include role-playing in order to enhance learning and comprehension.

Generating immediate results.

The Service Manager and Advisor Training Program is designed to produce immediate results for your dealership. An on-site NCM Retail Operations Consulting coach will ensure that process improvements are implemented. Your Service team will develop better selling and conflict resolution skills, creating a positive impact on customer satisfaction and retention. And enhanced on-the-job professionalism will translate into more individual accountability

Raising your bottom line.

The result: better overall efficiency for your Service and Parts departments. That means better bottom-line results — and competitive pricing makes for a rapid return on investment.

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