Total Dealership Evaluation

Diving deep for targeted profit improvement.

The key to success in any business is a focused approach to operational excellence. Whether your desire is to maintain, regain or improve profitability, your first step must be a deep analysis of the total dealership. NCM Retail Operations Consulting has the knowledge, experience and tools to assist you and your management team to identify and improve targeted areas of the dealership leading to maximized profitability.

Making no assumptions.

Before we set foot in your dealership, your NCM retail coach will conduct a thorough dealership financial review and pre-visit analysis, which includes input from the dealer operator’s perspective. We don’t presume to know your concerns and priorities; our first order of business is to listen. From this, your preliminary business plan is developed and an on-site visit scheduled.

Planning for profit improvement.

The on-site visit is conducted over two days to confirm the assumptions and direction in the preliminary plan. Once you are satisfied with the initial direction, your retail coach shifts into high gear, continuing the evaluation to identify and incorporate the on-site elements into the business plan. This includes one-on-one interviews with each manager for a 360 degree perspective and assurance of their commitment to the recommended solutions.

Using the Profit Correction Meeting format, profit performance challenges and opportunities are discussed with the management team before finalizing the plan; here, specific action plans will be assigned with expectations and timelines established for completion.

Bringing you solutions that are relevant and direct.

An important component of the NCM Retail Operations Dealership Evaluation is the expert recommendations you’ll receive for immediate profit improvement. You are looking for relevant solutions and that’s just what you’ll get with your custom business plan. Your retail coach, working with your management team, will shift your store into high gear to immediately run at a greater level of profitability. Your success, your way.

Whether you choose to implement on your own or continue your engagement with NCM for unparalleled guidance and accountability, a comprehensive Dealership Evaluation gives you the power and the tools to focus on those specific performance areas that will have the greatest, most direct profit impact for your operation.

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