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Better Times are Here - Better Training Sustains Them

High level training keeps auto retailers improving total dealership performance. Recently, NCM® Associates aggregated and averaged the year-over-year operating performance of its newest 20 Group member dealerships to see how they were able to improve their operations after just one year.

Better Data for Better Dealerships

Managers need to make smart decisions based on accurate, timely information. But wrangling the data located in the various systems and departments of a dealership can be difficult, and preparing manual reports is time-consuming. What if you could access up-to-the-minute data anytime, anywhere by using a single Internet logon...

Vinart Dealerships on Track for Industry-Busting 20% Lead-to-Closing Ratio in Partnership with NCM and AIM

Vinart Dealerships have been challenged in its growth and expansion much the same as most other dealerships in this Internet and social media saturated world; how can it get more prospects in the door, keep employees focused on a consistent process and create more opportunities to do business?

Tom Gill Chevrolet: Streamlining for Success

Who does the #1 Chevy dealer in Kentucky and Ohio turn to for the sales and management training that keeps them on top? The NCM Institute, NCM 20 Groups and NCM Retail Operations Consulting. Owner Tom Gill tells why he consolidated vendors and switched to a streamlined “train-the-trainer” approach.

Richmond Ford LINCOLN and NCM Institute Instructor Join Forces to Boost Social Media ROI

Four years ago most dealers still viewed social media as an uncertain trend, but Ron Kody, owner of Richmond Ford LINCOLN in Virginia, recognized its potential value. “Most dealers initially viewed social media as an unnecessary evil, while we viewed social media as a way to differentiate our business from our competitors,” said Kody. “Additionally, I liked that social media provided us another way to promote the human element of our dealership, while providing another venue for our customers to interact with us.”

High Risk Delivers High Reward for Ascent Auto Finance after Implementing Ideas from NCM Associates’ BHPH 20 Group.

Most folks in the auto industry would agree the 2008 downturn had a negative impact on business, but to some entrepreneurs, the downturn presented an opportunity. Ascent Auto Finance is a Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH) business that was formed in response to an increased need for sub-prime loans.

“This is a high-risk, high-reward business,” said Greg Nippert, General Manager of Ascent Auto Finance. But in the first year and a half in business, the rewards were not as high as Nippert had originally hoped for. That’s when he joined a BHPH 20 Group run by NCM Associates. Nippert had modeled Ascent after other BHPH companies in the industry, but didn’t have a lot of personal experience in managing a BHPH business.

Get the Conversation Rolling in 2012

How’s business? No, seriously. What’s keeping you up at night?

At NCM Associates, we want to know. What do you see as the biggest challenges for 2012? What are the biggest opportunities? How will you benchmark success today and for years to come?

To the get conversation started, consider what other NCM clients have been doing in their businesses. Then let’s talk about what is and isn’t working in your business. Together, we'll look for ways to empower your business, enhance profitability and sustain growth.

And maybe, we’ll find a way to help you sleep better.

René Isip’s Toyota of Lewisville Boosts Customer Pay RO’s by $100,000 a Month, Cites NCM Associates as a Valued Resource

Re-engineering a Fixed Operations department is no small feat, but when you do it and boost your customer pay repair orders by $100,000 a month, the reason for the change has to rest on solid management principles and access to the best training and benchmarking in the industry. Fortunately these are both resources possessed by René Isip, one of the top minority dealers in the country and winner of the 2011 NAMAD Lifetime Achievement Award.

Helms Brothers Mercedes-Benz Triples Gross Profit with NCM Associates

As featured in Automotive News, GM Suzanne Cochrane uses NCM Associates to identify and implement process improvements.

Four years ago, Suzanne Cochrane, General Manager of Helms Brothers Mercedes-Benz in Queens, NY, was running a dealership where the Pre-Owned department had a revolving door for managers and showed a loss of $100,000 at the end of that year. Goals of those managers didn’t jive with the goals of the dealership and inconsistent processes hampered consistent growth. The dealership Net to Gross ratio was 7.2 percent.

Client Spotlight: Patrick York, COO, Gillman Automotive Group

Gillman Automotive Group in Houston, Texas, has cause to celebrate. The dealer recently was included on the Houston Chronicle’s list of “Top 100 Workplaces 2010,” recognized as one of the top evaluation programs in the country. Ranked 17th of 26 large companies on the list, Gillman was the only auto dealership that made the cut among the 100 employers chosen for honors from more than 1,350 companies that were evaluated. We spoke with Patrick York, chief operating officer, for more details on what makes Gillman such a great place to work.