New 20 Group Opportunities

NCM Associates is rapidly adding new 20 Groups making it the perfect time for you to begin working with your peers for unparalleled Benchmarking, idea sharing and accountability.Set a course for greater success; get all your stores engaged in NCM 20 Groups.  We have limited openings in existing groups and are forming the following brand-new groups to ensure we have the capacity to meet your needs.

  • Porsche
  • Buy Here, Pay Here/Lease Here, Pay Here
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Volkswagen

Manager 20 Groups

Accelerate your Managers' competencies.

You know the impact your 20 Group has had on your skills as a manager and a leader.  Consider the benefit of 20 Group membership for all of your department heads to ensure they are properly positioned to manage today's challenges and to increase their value and effectiveness in your dealership.  Share your drive for excellence with your managers and directors and watch them drive more success for you and your dealership! NCM currently has groups for the following:

  • General Managers
  • CFOs & Controllers
  • Service Managers
  • General Sales Managers
  • Internet/BDC Managers/IT Directors
  • Fixed Operations
  • Used Vehicle Managers
  • Parts Managers
  • Collision Managers

Charter membership has its privileges.

Because all NCM Automotive 20 Groups are self-governed, there are many advantages to getting involved at the ground floor. Charter members, working with an Executive Conference Moderator, are given the opportunity to define the culture and structure of the new group, as follows:

  • Develop the group's by-laws
  • Structure the meeting format
  • Define future member candidate requirements

Furthermore, charter members are guaranteed placement in the new group, whereas the membership status of future candidates is determined by consensus of the group members.

Put the rubber to the road.

If you'd like to join us at one of our upcoming organization meetings, please take note of the following requirements for meeting participants.

  • Submit your interest via the 20 Group Application
  • Confirm your desire to attend the organization meeting when you speak with an NCM representative
  • You are responsible for your personal travel expenses; call NCM Travel Solutions for assistance in booking your airfare, hotel and ground transportation
  • Submit your financial statement data for your composite report (a $295 set-up fee applies)
  • You are responsible for your pro-rata share of the meeting and moderator expenses (this typically runs from $300-$400 per participant)

Use the contact form below or call 877.803.3627for details or questions about other groups that may be forming or to inquire about starting a new group.